You've spent time and money creating valuable digital content... Now What?

Let us go to work for you! We use content distribution expertise to generate your highly qualified sales leads!


First, you provide us with your branded content such as white papers, podcasts, eBooks and videos. Quickly, your content is distributed across our multi-channel network. These content syndication channels consist of publisher websites, expert blogs, email, social media and mobile. We then use proprietary technology to target business people aligned with your filters and targets. When they download your content, they become a lead for your organization.

At this point, you need to choose: What is your goal?

Option 1: To drive awareness for your product or service without generating sales leads.

If you're looking to distribute your content to a valuable B2B audience but aren't looking to generate leads, then NetLine's free ContentFlow service will work for you. Here is a simple diagram of how ContentFlow works:

Content Distribution for ContentFlow

Option 2: To drive awareness and capture the contact information of the people interested in your product or service.

Through your specific lead filters (including size of company, geography, job title, vertical market, etc) you can target and reach your ideal prospects. When someone from your target market registers for your content they become a lead for your organization. You only pay for those leads which fit your criteria.

NetLine offers two lead generation via content syndication programs: LeadFlow and LeadSource. While both options take advantage of NetLine's audience of 75 Million Monthly Unique Visitors, LeadSource is a full-service option while LeadFlow allows the client to develop, adjust, and close their campaigns themselves through an online portal.

Here is a diagram showing how both LeadSource and LeadFlow work:

Content Distribution Flow Chart

To understand how NetLine's Reach, Technology, and Expertise set us apart, see here:    Why NetLine?


  LeadFlow LeadSource
  NetLine's Self-Serve Option NetLine's Premium Program
Pay Only For Your Filtered Leads
Ability to Filter and Target
Campaign Management and Optimization
Lead Volume Guarantee
CRM Connectors/Custom Fulfillment
2nd Touch Nurturing
Custom Business Filters
List Based Campaigns
Campaign Invoicing

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