Realize a higher return from your Marketing Data.

Your organization may be spending significant resources marketing to bad names due to invalid lead data. Instead, pursue viable leads with a much higher likelihood of conversion by cleaning up this lead data and verifying correct information. Your lead generation database is a strategic asset, but it requires ongoing maintenance to deliver maximum value. That's where NetLine will step in. Let us do all the work of data quality verification, editing out all outdated and invalid records. This will free your in-house staff to focus their efforts on managing programs and nurturing leads.

Lead Verification Process


  • Validation of your list against our own database
  • Confirmation of phone numbers, mailing addresses, job titles, or any other data element
  • Supplementation of existing records using third-party & publicly available sources
  • Appends important missing business information
  • Quality scores & target scores your leads


  • Increase the health of your marketing database
  • Quickly prioritize the leads that should be acted on first
  • Decreased spending of resources following up on leads with invalid information