This is a short historic of how we started this company and where are we now:


The Start of Something New

NetLine was founded in 1994 to provide Internet subscriptions to the print publishing industry.

The Dot-Com Market Leads to growth

We raised 1.4M in angel funding due to business success and a favorable market. This funding empowered growth initiatives and further development of the business.

Change Leads the Way to the Future

Our business model was repositioned to target internet B2B customer acquisition, retention and database marketing.

Start of the Growth Years

This was the beginning to many years of significant growth. We expanded our infrastructure, technology and client base.

A Network That Packs a Punch

We achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 4,000 online partner sites across 33 key vertical industries. We also made the move to Los Gatos CA, to meet our growth needs.

NetLine Mobile is Born

The TradePub.com mobile App was developed and quickly grew to over 100,000 installs and consistently ranks in top free business apps. We were awarded two Business Marketing Association B2 Awards for our mobile technology.

Mobile app reaches 140k downloads.

Multi-channel syndication network reaches over 125k B2B audiences from 300 industry sectors.

The Path to Growth Continues

Our network has grown to over 15,000 web properties reaching over 125M unique visitors per month. As proven experts in B2B content syndication lead generation we strive every day to help our clients meet and exceed their demand generation needs by making them the center of our every-day operations.