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NetLine's INTENTIVE Gains Momentum, Introduces New Integrations

The B2B Buyer Engagement platform announces early success alongside Salesforce and HubSpot enhancements.

CAMPBELL, Calif., January 17, 2024 -- NetLine, an Informa Business, has announced impressive results for its buyer-level intent platform INTENTIVE™: The only tool delivering real-time insights into "who" is actively expressing intent within a B2B account.

NetLine's INTENTIVE Gains Momentum, Introduces New Integrations
NetLine's marketing team ran ads to target accounts using data from real buyers showing high levels of purchase intent— gleaned via insights from INTENTIVE— against lists created through BuiltWith, a third-party web-scraping tool. In comparing their performance over one month, NetLine found that the INTENTIVE lists far outpaced the success of the BuiltWith lists.

Ultimately, the INTENTIVE lists success includes three major highlights:
  • 9.1% higher Accounts Reached
    • Accounts Reached: Number of accounts from the Accounts Targeted that were served at least one ad
  • 72.7% higher Accounts Engaged
    • Accounts Engaged: Number of accounts that saw at least one ad and viewed at least three pages on our site
  • 66.7% higher click-through rate (CTR)
INTENTIVE's ability to monitor the first-party activities of known accounts resulted in one leading enterprise data infrastructure organization to success, as well.

After monitoring known accounts through the platform, the organization became aware of an opportunity via a confirmed project. With this awareness, the organization's account executive engaged key decision-makers and presented a plan. INTENTIVE's intelligence led to an accelerated sales outcome with an agreement valued at six figures.

NetLine’s Chief Strategy Officer David Fortino shared his perspective on the early returns of the company’s new buyer-intent platform.

"What’s clear is that, regardless of application, INTENTIVE’s data is remarkably accurate in identifying WHO wants to hear from you," Fortino said. "By taking INTENTIVE's insights outside of its own world and applying it to traditional digital media, the platform is already demonstrating the value that it provides. We're only scratching the surface of how B2B marketing and sales teams can action the insights we're unearthing."

Additionally, the company has announced new integrations and functionality to activate all data fields from a given Explorer. Users can now send their data to key integrations, including:
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Any platform via a global export
The Salesforce integration includes custom reports, providing immediate visibility for sales reps into all their accounts showing intent. Sales managers can prioritize unowned accounts that are expressing intent, identifying new opportunities for accelerated sales cycles.

For both Salesforce and HubSpot integrations, the raw data fields from INTENTIVE will be available for actioning via custom objects, allowing customers maximum flexibility in how to leverage intent data in their CRM workflows, campaigns, and outreach strategies.

Alongside these functionalities, INTENTIVE has been further enriched with greater AI and NLP capabilities to bolster the accuracy of its buyer behavior ingestion and how it maps to the platform's master topic taxonomy.

B2B marketers and revenue team leaders are welcome to join the INTENTIVE waitlist. For more information on INTENTIVE, visit the NetLine website.

About NetLine Corporation:
NetLine empowers B2B marketers to scale revenue via an all-in-one buyer engagement platform that delivers unparalleled buyer-level intent data and lead generation capabilities.

Operating the only buyer-level intent platform, INTENTIVE, delivering real-time insights into "who" is actively expressing intent in an account, "what" actions that person is taking, "when" those actions took place, and uniquely "where" those actions occurred, including offline Event Intent data, NetLine fast tracks buyer transparency. In addition, NetLine also operates the largest B2B content-centric lead generation platform offering content syndication, lead generation, account-based marketing, lead management, and more.

Founded in 1994, NetLine is a part of Informa Tech, a leading provider of market insight and market access to the global technology industry. Successful B2B Marketers Start with NetLine, visit www.netline.com.