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RevResponse.com Launches New Monetization Tools

Leading B2B publisher network RevResponse.com has undergone a makeover releasing a new suite of monetization tools and added more targeting features.

LOS GATOS, CA - May 8, 2012 – Leading B2B publisher network RevResponse.com has undergone a makeover releasing a new suite of monetization tools and added more targeting features. The new tools allow publishers to effectively monetize their audience base via non-traditional means without cannibalizing their existing revenue streams.

The first of the new features is the Offer Lightbox. This tool provides publishers the capability to fire a lightbox with a contextually relevant 'Featured Free Resource' to appear when readers visit their site. Resources offered within the Lightbox are specifically confined to valuable content such as free eBooks, reports, and PDF's. For publishers wanting to deploy a more minimalistic monetization experience to their readers, the Slideout Box can help. By default, it's set to trigger about halfway down the page when a reader is scrolling down as not to disturb their experience. Similar to the Offer Lightbox, the Slideout Box also will dynamically help publishers monetize their traffic by offering their audience access to thousands of free contextually relevant resources.

The TopBar is another unique monetization approach. Similar to toolbars at the bottom or top of screens that generally provide social sharing features and allow visitors to engage with the site through various online networks, the TopBar sits at the top of the site and displays one featured offer each time a visitor comes to a page. It can easily be minimized or maximized per a readers' preference.

"We've continued to watch publishers struggle to evolve their audience monetization strategies over the years. Much of the industry continues to focus on the revenue optimization of traditional IAB positions on a given publisher site. What about the other 97% of a site? We've decided to offer publishers the tools and the platform to diversify their revenue streams while simultaneously richening the overall user experience of their site," said David Fortino, VP Audience Development, NetLine Corporation.

These new tools make promoting business and technology related eBooks and content easier for publishers, increasing potential for revenue generation. RevResponse is continually updating their content, always offering the freshest content for publishers to promote to their audience. These new tools will continue to aid in RevResponse's goal of offering publishers exponential revenue generation opportunities, as well as keeping them as a top network for B2B publishers.

For more information, visit https://www.RevResponse.com.
About RevResponse.com
RevResponse.com is owned and operated by NetLine Corporation.

About NetLine Corporation:
NetLine Corporation is the industry's premier B2B marketing services provider with the most comprehensive lifecycle customer acquisition platform, integrating e-mail, internet, social media, and mobile. Clients include Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Google, Oracle, IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft Corporation, and VeriSign, among others. NetLine is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California. More information is available at https://www.netline.com.