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RevResponse Arms Digital Publishers with Data-Driven Audience Analytics

LOS GATOS, Calif (May 27, 2015) - This year more than 50% of B2B Marketers are increasing content marketing budgets, focusing on brand awareness and lead generation9; trends that will continue to drive the surge in digital ad revenues and put the pressure on digital Publishers to deliver. The massive movement to digital content has produced major opportunities for Publishers, steep competition, and even higher demands from B2B Advertisers. Those Publisher opportunities have also translated into challenges with many Publishers struggling to understand how to accurately package and present their Audience outside of general website traffic metrics.

RevResponse, a veteran in the digital B2B content syndication space, is taking their B2B Digital Publisher Network to the next level this year by arming their Partners with Audience Analytics.

"Audience analytics and visualizations based on first party sourced data will provide our Publishers with a solution that keeps them informed of their user's attributes, interests, and needs at any given time. Audience loyalty and engagement is difficult at best these days. Offering our Publishers direct access to the composite profile of who their Audience really is will be invaluable to them," said David Fortino, Vice President of Audience Development for NetLine.

This month RevResponse released a new Partner Portal bringing data to the forefront with a performance trends and Audience analytics Dashboard. "This level of unfettered transparency into their Audience gives our Publishers the ability to move fluidly and make better decisions sooner with drive greater accuracy," stated Fortino.

Never before has data been so important – digital Publishers need to take targeting seriously, the mass blast, one size fits all traditional advertising and editorial is over. "The recent introduction of the Audience analytics has allowed us to extract more value from our Audience by running smarter and more highly targeted campaigns," explained Sharon of PBP Media.

Audience Intelligence Reports are a monumental (and free) addition to the platform – never before seen in the space; commonly a paid third-party service. Breaking down each Publisher's Audience by industry, job area, job level, company size and country, RevResponse Publishers will be able to develop data-driven profiles based on first party sourced data directly from their Audience which will correlate to highly optimized campaigns, increased conversion, loyalty, and ultimately - earnings.

RevResponse enables digital Publishers to effectively monetize all forms of B2B traffic via programmatic ad technologies, native advertising, and the largest inventory of professional content. Touted as the #1 B2B Publisher Network, RevResponse began in 2008 as the Partner arm of the Top B2B Lead Generation Company, NetLine Corporation. Today RevResponse has grown to 15,000+ Publishers worldwide across all major industries.

¹Adweek, October 2014
About NetLine Corporation:
NetLine Corporation is the number one B2B content syndication lead generation provider aimed at driving buyer engagement, customer lead acquisition and sales pipeline performance. Its AudienceTargeting™ technology and global multi-channel network of more than 15,000 website properties enable B2B marketers to reach a diverse audience of more than 125 million business professionals across 300 industry sectors. NetLine's multi-channel content delivery model allows for brand customization, content adaptation and flexible market access through publisher websites, expert blogs, email, search engines, social media networks, e-newsletters and mobile. Founded in 1994, NetLine is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with operations around the globe. For more information, visit www.netline.com.