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NetLine's Lead Source Now Available; Online Marketing Service Delivers High Quality Leads for B2B Marketers

Lead Source Eliminates "Junk Leads;" Builds Credibility with Sales Teams

LOS GATOS, CA (July 11, 2005) – NetLine Corporation, a premier lead generation and online marketing services provider for B2B advertisers, marketers, and publishers, today announced the general availability of NetLine's Lead Source, a powerful online service for high quality lead generation. Using NetLine's Lead Source, business marketers and advertisers can reach prospects in a unique manner by posting their branded content on relevant sites within NetLine's network of over 2,300 vertical content partners, and attract the right decision makers.

The initial response from customers using NetLine's Lead Source has been very positive. One of NetLine's agency partners, Connect Direct, recently deployed Lead Source for one of its software clients. The client generated a substantial number of leads in only the first two weeks, plus all leads were U.S. based, which was the company's preference.

According to Howard J. Sewell, President & CEO of Connect Direct, "There was no 'junk', and most impressive, almost all the leads fell within our client's target vertical market. So far, we're very impressed. It would appear that Lead Source is a worthy complement to other lead generation vehicles, particularly if the advertiser wants to target a specific vertical, and/or doesn't want to pay for international leads."

"Traditional lead generation programs like list rentals and online advertising are focused on quantity – not quality – where more than two-thirds of the leads are ignored by Sales and end up in the trash," said Robert Alvin, NetLine CEO & Chairman. "NetLine's Lead Source program focuses on driving high quality leads that sales teams are far more likely to convert into customers.

"Our vast network of online affiliate partners serves as a veritable 'leads database' to deliver content to the right audience. Those individuals who sign up to receive that content ultimately become leads for our customers."

NetLine's Lead Source posts a variety of marketing content, including white papers, webinar promotions, case studies, market research reports, surveys and more to contextually relevant sites based on the customer's market and demographic requirements.

NetLine's partner network covers more than two-dozen industries, including technology, manufacturing, engineering, finance, and biotech with brand names like LinkedIn.com, BizReport.com, Salary.com, SoftwareCEO.com, Plastics.com, CPAdirectory.com, eFunda.com, Bio.com and thousands more.

These partners have developed loyal audiences of their own over the years and drive traffic to their sites through their own newsletter promotions and content feeds. NetLine's Lead Source selects the appropriate partner properties to syndicate the customer's marketing offers based on their specific goals, which might include target number of leads/inquiries, cost per qualified lead and various awareness metrics. Lead Source provides a co-branded landing page with customized registration; registrants are automatically passed on to NetLine customers as leads.

NetLine's Lead Source also leverages NetLine's TradePub.com, the leading online subscription source for controlled circulation trade magazines since 1994. NetLine's TradePub.com offers publications and informational content across 28 industries. It provides qualified subscribers for more than 300 publications and allows website visitors to search and find information that coincides with their professional needs and interests.

Pricing & Availability

NetLine's Lead Source is available now in a variety of packaged options and is based on a pay-per-performance model. Many vendors offer only a flat rate model with no accountability for results. NetLine has a more flexible yet results-based model. For more information on NetLine's Lead Source call 888.515.3237