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NetLine Corporation Announces Second Consecutive Year of Profitability

Customer Adoption Fuels Record Growth; Revenues Up 44% Year-Over-Year

LOS GATOS, CA (November 9, 2004) — NetLine, the leading provider of marketing automation and critical e-marketing infrastructure services, today announced that the company has achieved profitability for its second consecutive fiscal year ending September 30, 2004, and its tenth consecutive quarter. The company also realized record revenue for the year, 44% growth year-over-year, driven by strong demand from its installed customer base and adoption by new customers. NetLine, founded in 1994, grew its customer base 25% this last fiscal year to include customers such as Juniper Networks, Discreet, Taunton Publishing, CMP and many more.

"Our sustained profitability demonstrates that customers value a high-performance e-marketing platform that delivers tangible, high quality results," said Robert Alvin, CEO and Chairman of the Board of NetLine. "Our continued success is also a testament to the unique e-marketing expertise and strength of our team. We look forward to continued revenue growth as we continue to help customers understand and leverage e-marketing technology to reach new and existing customers."

NetLine attributes the growth in the adoption of its e-marketing services to the value and breadth of offerings the company offers. Through its customer-centric direct marketing platform, companies are realizing higher quality sales leads, a substantially lower cost of ownership and, because of its ASP model, faster time to deployment than expensive enterprise marketing applications. These benefits are even more compelling as traditional online advertising is now proving less effective.

"During the last fiscal year, NetLine Corporation has proven itself by continuing to grow and add new customers in a dynamic market," said Mike Reisman of Reisman Investment Group. "It is clear that NetLine's best-of-breed marketing automation technology, experienced executive management team and overall industry experience are the driving forces behind the company's success. We anticipate and look forward to NetLine's continued success."

Through products such as TradePub.com, LeadSource and MarketingCentral, NetLine's business-to-business solutions include email marketing, lead generation and marketing database services. The company's customer base includes companies in high technology and publishing industries that are looking for a way to better manage their customer acquisition and retention process across the enterprise.
About NetLine Corporation:
NetLine Corporation, founded in 1994, delivers critical e-marketing infrastructure services that enable enterprise companies to capture and retain customers more effectively and reliably. NetLine's products and services generate high quality leads and enable successful online marketing communications. Every day NetLine delivers millions of highly targeted marketing messages helping companies professionally identify, connect, communicate, and transact with new and existing customers. Additional news and information about the company is available at https://www.netline.com.