First-Party Buyer Intent

Delivering scalable, first-party, and buyer-level intent data on a fully permissioned basis to accelerate sales outcomes is our mission.

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Accounts do not make purchases. People do. With Intent Discovery, marketers can finally fill in the blanks, discovering who within the account is expressing intent.



Reach beyond your own content to reach the person, not a persona. Leverage the largest B2B network with over 125MM in-market professionals researching across 12k+ pieces of gated content.


Hyper-filter buyers who exclusively meet your specific criteria as they actively register for content specific to their business needs. By targeting beyond the account-level to the buyer-level, the mystery of who is showing intent is removed.


Intercept and engage the buyer with customized validation questions. Gain first-party insights for immediate activation and seamless remarketing / sales acceleration.
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First-party sourced buyer-level intent is the holy grail of sales acceleration.

Move beyond Account-Level insights and start your Buyer-Level Intent Discovery journey.

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