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How Aggreko Achieved 1,000% ROI with a Targeted, Content-Centric Approach

Discover how Aggreko doubled their amount of qualified leads and a return of over 1,000x their total investment in less than one year of leveraging NetLine

Facing struggles so many B2B marketers experience, Aggreko found themselves stuck. They needed a way to reach their niche audiences and generate quality leads. Learn how Aggreko overcame their struggles and successfully generated targeted sales leads through a content-centric approach.

This case study explores:
  • How one company's quest to position themselves as a thought leader led them to leverage content for lead generation
  • Overcoming the challenge of reaching and engaging multiple niche industries to fill pipeline
  • The difference in quality between traditional CPC-models and performance-based CPL leads
  • How using the right metrics can lead to a successful revenue-generating strategy
  • Generating more qualified opportunities for their sales org, creating better alignment between the two teams
Maximizing ROI and lead quality doesn't have to be challenging – Aggreko is proof. Here's their story on how they generated the highest ROI from content marketing in less than a year on the NetLine platform.
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