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B2B Marketing Agency Generates 30K Leads for Clients Annually

Find out how the agency achieved a 52% client campaign renewal rate and strengthened their Cost-per-QUALITY-Lead solution with a new self-service content syndication lead generation tool.

The case study examines one demand generation agency's pivot towards running content syndication campaigns to produce net-new and in-market leads for clients using the self-service lead generation tool. ReachMail Media Services (RMS), a boutique agency, was seeking a more comprehensive syndication solution that would provide their team of marketers with the control, transparency, and scale required to drive lead generation success for their customers. The report delivers an in-depth look at the agency's review of NetLine's:

  • professional-level audience targeting
  • content syndication campaign management
  • lead reporting insights
...and the impact on net-new quality lead generation for their clients.

Read the case study to find out how transitioning to a self-service lead generation solution increased client success and agency revenues.
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