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How SAP Locked into Net-New Accounts and Boosted Pipeline by Over 50%

Discover how SAP North America built a content-powered strategy for sustainable growth and increased their pipeline by 50%.

Many B2B marketers are faced with the same question, "How am I supposed to sustainably generate targeted, quality leads my sales team can take action on?" SAP North America needed a way to reach in-market prospects from targeted accounts and generate actionable leads. Learn how SAP overhauled their strategy to boost pipeline, revenue, and repeat success through a content-centric approach.

This case study explores how:
  • SAP shifted gears from an outdated process to a new methodology for content creation and targeting execution
  • A buyer-oriented approach centered around personalized messaging and a B2B environment increases engagement
  • Leveraging first-party data with the right metrics is the key to optimizing your lead generation strategy
  • Alignment across all department leaders, not just Sales and Marketing, is how organizational change occurs
  • Building scalable, sustainable campaigns is made easier with a reliable partner
SAP discovered the secret to breaking into net-new accounts to reach targeted professionals who are in-market for the solutions they sell. See how they generated sustainable growth and quality pipeline through a content- powered strategy – and why they've relied on NetLine for years to drive marketing success.
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